Sunday, March 12, 2006

Random Ramblings

Here is a recap of the latest thoughts churning through my mind:

  • I read a few blogs from the start over the weekend.
  • While at a store on Friday night, the guy standing behind me in line said, "You had me at hello." My response, "You lost me at goodbye." Why do some men think it is cute to quote chick flicks? I happen to be one of those women who thinks most chick flicks are pathetic displays of ridiculously dependent women so clearly that is the wrong way to attempt to connect with me.
  • Why do people think it is acceptable to let their children wipe snot on their sleeves?
  • I wish St. Elsewhere was still on TV.
  • Patrick Dempsey needs a nosejob to have any chance of being attractive.
  • Why can't I get the links title on my blog to match the font of the other titles?
  • TIVO is the best thing ever made.
  • How many people actually read my blog?

1 comment:

Damn It Anyway said...

I agree with you on Tivo.
Oh and you can add a counter to your blog to see how many.