Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Giving back

I am not talking about giving back as in charity. What I am referring to is giving everything back I thought I wanted. Since I am a list kind of gal, here is tonight's list of what I wish to donate to the God of responsibility:


As a kid, I wanted mail. It seemed like such an honor to get mail. The reality: Most of it is junk and, unless you consider bills or solicitations for money to be an honor, is destined to be one more thing I have to do.


As a kid, this was a huge sign of being an adult. The payoff for all those years in college. The reality: I am tired, uninspired, and generally sick of being perpetually behind. Yeah, take this job and shove it.


This is a twisted thought. Like most people, I dreamed of owning a house and making it a home. How can I be excited about the largest debt I will ever incur? It's not like someone gave me an extreme home makeover (with a maid) and handed me the title to paradise.

In retrospect, all the things about being a kid were great. I have decided I want to live at home with my parents. I want to sit on the floor and watch the Brady Bunch while eating freshly baked cookies my mom made.

Having to get up to turn the dial on the console TV and adjust the rabbit ears on the antenna would be a small price to pay for the simplicity of childhood.

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