Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Got a Match?

For the past couple of weeks, I have been giving presentations regarding our leave policy. Today, I had a group of employees that resembled an angry mob. Is the concept that I am merely the messenger foreign to people? I felt like I had a "kick me" sign on my ass. Here is a general summary.

I arrive in their conference room, do the social niceties, and wait to begin. Moving through the agenda, it is now my turn. I review the changes, how it impacts them, etc. There is always one in a group but the asshole today is a perfect example of why I haven't exercised my right to obtain a concealed weapons permit.

"I don't think this is appropriate. They should just rename this place "Big Brother." Am I allowed to make any decisions for myself."

I took a deep breath and asked," What part of the policy do you have a problem with?"

The whole thing. What gives you the right?

Me? Are you referring to the person sitting here who has a million better things to do that argue with you? The person who knows your disciplinary record? Who has sat in a room and witnessed you begging your manager to keep your job after screwing up numerous times? That would be me. If I had the power to make these policies, your ass would have been gone a long time.

So, I replied, "To be accurate, this is not MY policy." This is a company policy and as an employee, you are required to comply with it. If you have an actual question I can address, by all means, please ask, otherwise we should probably move on.

So he calms down, says he knows it's not my "fault" and shuts up. While I realize there are lions that need to roar from time to time, they really need to find someone else to bitch to. While I always maintain professionalism, I won't be the sacrificial lamb for this kind of crap.

I forgot to play the lottery so I am stuck with this job until Saturday. I am planning to win the lottery and set my office on fire Monday morning.

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Janet said...

I love reading your blog! Thanks so much for making me laugh and also for saying what I have thought so many times when I was in HR!!