Saturday, April 01, 2006

Lie to me

I have many pet peeves and I am not afraid to bitch about them. The latest is people who seemingly ask for advice and then ignore it or get angry. If the preference is that I simply smile and lie to your face, let me know these expectations for the start. Why anyone would expect me to lie to them is beyond me. I am not known for having a poker face so I don't even need to speak to make my feelings known.

Anyway, back to my rant. There needs to be a new word created to describe the act of asking for a lie covered in ego stroking yet presented as the truth. Oh yes, the word already exists...bullshit? How insecure can people be to actually expect someone to lie to them when they asked for an opinion?

The insult to this injury is how many people react to my honesty. While I typically demonstrate an appropriate level of tact, I do give my honest opinion. Often times, this is met with dirty looks, looks between people, uncomfortable silences, and dramatic gasps of "How could you say that?"

While many people may respond to such situations with an apology, I don't. In fact, it is not unusual for me to call others on their lack of honesty. I say what others think. Now, before anyone gets the idea that I am one of those overbearing people to avoid like a plague, keep in mind.......people are still asking my opinion so I must be doing something right.

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Middle Manager said...

I find myself in similar situations. I have a few supervisors that report to me and who come to me with advice. When the advice is not what they were hoping to hear, they often seem shocked. Initially anyway.