Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Goading a Goat

Accountability, or the lack of, has been on my mind lately. What is so difficult about taking responsibility for mistakes? Why do people find it necessary to look for the nearest scapegoat when faced with such a situation?

At my company, this type of behavior is spreading like herpes on a prostitute. While I have not been immune to attempts at tagging me the scapegoat, I have a tendency to come out fighting when these situations occur. Those who have tried this tactic on me have learned that goading me doesn't go over well.

I have an exceptional memory and do not forget those who have attempted to screw me over. In fact, this is an area I excel in when it comes to patience. I have patiently waited for opportunities for revenge on several occasions. As a bonus, it doesn't appear to anyone (except the idiot receiving my revenge) that I am being malicious. It's not too difficult to wait for a good opportunity when these type of people continually pull this kind of shit. I just sit back and laugh. Of course I share these situations with select people who also revel in sweet revenge. While that may sound a little psychotic, these are people who deserved my sweet revenge. Like a goat, I have used my horns to defend myself.

What bothers me is the people who don't fight due to their level in the company or because they don't have an aggressive bone in their body. While I am not the mother or bodyguard of these scapegoats, it pisses me off when it keeps happening. Sure, these people should defend themselves but where is the accountability for this behavior when management knows they are taking a fall they do not deserve?

Screw it. I played the lottery tonight. If I won, I will adopt a few goats from the zoo and train them to attack.


VI said...

In my family, we have a motto:

"Blame is LAME!"

We don't do it.

When there is a problem - instead of trying to pin it on someone... we simply try to *fix* it. End of story.

It's too bad others don't realize how truly helpful this approach can be!

Middle Manager said...

I know what you mean with the blame stuff. I have a close friend who moved back into town a few months ago and started at my company in an entry-level supervisory role. I had tried to hint that it might not be a good fit for her...she strikes me as too sweet for management. While she seems to be doing OK, she's among those who doesn't properly stand up when made to be the scapegoat. She actually seems to be doing quite well in her role...but also tends to take the fall when she shouldn't. Grrr.