Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I really need someone to tell me why people who bitch and complain get what they want. There are two different groups of people who do this. The first group bitches and complains privately to friends or through a blog, but still does their job (hint, hint). The other spends the majority of their time trying to wrap as many people as possible into their imaginary victimization. See what I mean?

It never fails, those who whine get their way. This happens with employees at various levels in the company. This leads me to believe it has nothing to do with "I'll scratch your back.." Nope, I have reached the conclusion that it is simply easier to pay these drama queens off versus telling them to shut the hell up.

If it was all about getting my way, I could accomplish the same outcome with the right plan. The problem for me is twofold. First, I am not willing to whine to get my way. I am one of those idiots who actually believes hard work pays off. I have learned that the "Payoff" is really more work and higher expectations.

Anywho, the other reason I can't do this is because, even though management caves and gives in to these bitches from hell, those bitching are left with no credibility. I am not willing to give that up to get my way. Of course I could write a book and title it, "How I Bitched My Way to Success." I have many case studies right in my office.

What I really should be doing is blaming my parents for stressing morality and values. What the hell were they thinking? They should have taught me, "Kill or Be Killed."

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