Thursday, April 20, 2006

Odd Day

I had a very odd day. Here's a summary :
  • Went to work only to have a coworker stomp her foot at me. My first thought was to laugh and of course I did. When did work become a preschool? If those are the new rules, I wish someone had told me. Like a three-year old, I would have responded with a good smack, pulled her hair out, and maybe pinched her to really make my point.

  • When did it become acceptable to bitch and moan about the parts of your job you don't like doing AND pretty much refuse to do them? Anyone who reads my blog would understand merely bitching and moaning might lead to a bonding experience with me but the idiot in question made a crucial mistake. She tried to pawn off the work she didn't want to do on me. Carrying on like that only gets you one thing from me .....determination to make you suffer. I'll leave the details out but I accomplished my mission. Moral of this story is not to fuck with people smarter than you.

  • Driving home, I witnessed a pathetic sight. On the side of the road, I see a young teenage girl sitting on her bike on the sidewalk. Standing next to her is a cop with his motorcycle parked nearby who is obviously giving her a stern talking to. Sure, she was probably doing something stupid but I found it amusing that a car passed me probably going 65 mph in a 45 zone while all this was going on. On a side note, why is that I cannot help humming the theme to CHIPS when I see a cop on a motorcycle? I have also been known to sing the Love Boat theme while on cruises but I digress.

  • The final straw was some idiot at a four-way stop who blew right through the sign. While I was tempted to drive up behind him and ram his ass, I didn't. Of course the police are entirely too busy lecturing helpless teens to be bothered with this.


Random Musings Of My Life said...

When ever I feel like bitching about my day I always think of yours.
I am glad you do not own gun.
Then who would write this master piece?

MsPinkSlip said...

Just because I don't own a gun doesn't mean I don't have access to one. Scary huh?

I think the prison system has become ridiculous enough to give prisoners access to the net so all I would need to do is change the title of my blog to "Blogging My Way Out of Parole."

Anonymous said...

Four way stops are fun. My favourite trick is to slowly inch forward, wave the other person, then go some more, then stop, then wave, then go...etc, rinse and repeat. It's highly amusing.