Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Lately I have been encountering extremely rude people. Did I miss the mass mailing for classes on this behavior? What happened to treating others as you want to be treated? Apparently that went out with VCRs.

The first example of this is holding doors open. I hold doors open for people. Lately, I am getting no response for my effort. Although I do not dress like a doorman, I am apparently confused for one.

Women are the worst at this. I would like to yank their ponytail out of their head while pulling them back out the door. I have said, "You're welcome" yet I have never gotten a response. I would like one of them to say something in response to me calling them on their rude behavior but so far I have been deprived of the confrontation.

One can only hope.

The next is my road rage. I have been diagnosed as suffering/perpetuating road rage by nearly every person who has ridden in my car. Like many other fine drivers, I have been driven to this illness by idiots on the road.

Perfect example was today. I was driving along when I realized there was a broken down bus in my lane. Would someone let me merge into next lane? Oh no. Would these idiots prefer to be in my lane? It's not like I am asking them to slam on their brakes to let me in.

I am not one of these people who drives in a lane I know has an accident, obstruction, or bus just to pass everyone. Shit happens people so why not be part of the solution versus being an asshole? All that gets you is my horn and a psychotic look when I catch up to you.

This behavior tends to scare my passengers so have a heart.


Anonymous said...

"Lately I have been encountering extremely rude people. Did I miss the mass mailing for classes on this behavior? "

No, you missed the part about everyone being douchebags.

Thinking Fool said...

Living on the East Coast is slowly causing me to be less polite. When no one appreciates it when you do someone a favor, what's the point?

jafer said...

I ended up in a 'bus only' lane the other day since I wasn't too familiar with that street, and was trying to get into the highway lane.

Do you think anyone would let me back into the right lane? Oh no, I suppose they thought I was trying to beat all the traffic by driving in the wrong lane - all I was thinking about was how there was a cop station just up the street.

And I agree with everything you've said. All I want is a thank you, thank you very much.