Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Psychotic Women

What is the problem with women? Being one, it may sound odd for me to criticize other women but they tend to get on my nerves.

There is one woman in particular in upper management at my company who runs around like a chicken with her head cut off whenever she gets stressed.

Silly me thought effective managers realize they need to trust employees they delegate projects to. Instead, this woman runs around questioning everything and expects to hear all the details of projects she wasn't involved in on a daily basis. Instead of solving problems, all this does is create chaos.

It also pisses people off.

When I see this woman act like this, two thoughts come to mind. First, any shred of respect I had for her disappears immediately. Second, I'd like to smack her....hard.

Horribly inappropriate (and potentially illegal) comment ahead....

If menopausal hags can't keep it together, they should retire.

1 comment:

Battlerocker said...

I hate people like that, of both sexes. And I think your fine with your comment. Just don't be the one who fires