Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Bitch is Back

While that is the title of an Elton John song, I am referring to a woman in my office. She was working in another department for almost a year but she is back.

It was like a honeymoon when she was gone. The stress level in the office was less... I could actually feel it. So now she is back and so it the palpable stress in the office.

Here is her general MO:

  • This is a woman who loves to boss everyone around. It is not unusual to have to tell others what she thinks they should be doing.
  • She thinks she knows how to do the job of everyone in my department and isn't afraid to say so. She repeatedly questions how people do their job and chimes in frequently about things she doesn't know jack about.
  • She doesn't supervise any of the employees mentioned above.
  • She is prone to emotional outbursts of "Nobody appreciates me."
  • She is known throughout the company as a nasty shrew so the chances of her leaving are slim to none.
  • Personal hygiene is NOT on the top of her list.
  • Upper management knows her MO yet does nothing about it. Somebody please tell me why.
I have found myself humming "The Bitch is Back" when she walks by. I will probably end up in sensitivity training. At least she can do my job while I am gone.


Middle Manager said...

Ah yes...we have one of this in my company too. Fortunately I don't work closely with her on a regular basis...just on the ocassional project. I think your third bullet point is really key to understanding the frustration here: She doesn't supervise any of the employees mentioned above.

FTN said...

Sometimes I wonder just *what* some people would have to do to get fired. It seems short of stealing money from the company, anything else is just not quite enough.

Maybe they just keep transferring her around because no one wants to deal with her for very long.