Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Confession Time

What makes you decide what blogs to read?

The blogs I read tend to have something in common. Not the topic, but that the authors are good writers. If you look at the blogs I have listed, most of them are about very different things. Most of them are interesting writers who make me laugh or tell a story in such a way that I want to go back to see how things are progressing.

I have noticed many people tend to have links to other blogs that share themes with them while others (like me) have links to many different things.

Along those lines, what makes someone add a link to their page? I add what I read. It makes it easier for me to get to the blogs and hopefully encourages others to read them since I think they are worth reading.

I have been wondering if some people add links to their blog out of pity or mutual respect (I linked you, so you link me). I don't have that expectation but would like to know if others do.

Ever see a blog with tons of comments and wonder why people think it's so great? There is one in particular that is very popular that is ok, but I don't see the cult-following allure others see.



Battlerocker said...

There are many reasons I would add a blog to my blogroll. The most important reason being that it’s a blog I read. But I will also add some blogs out of reciprocity, and will even add a blog if I just like the blogger but not the blog. The later cases are rare though.

Typically, I enjoy well written blogs. I do, however, try to overlook the quality of the writing if the quality of the ideas is especially good. But I find this difficult to do sometimes. All in all I agree with you.

And there are many blogs, far more than the one you mentioned (though I’m curious as to which that might be), whose traffic just astonishes me. I have seen ludicrously dull mommy blogs, inane political blogs, and worthless singles blogs with dozens of comments to every poorly written post. Misery loves company I guess.

sarah said...

if you like good writers, then why add Captain Bee? I kid I kid. You're right... He is a good writer, that's why I have him there even though his content makes me roll my eyes most times. :) I add people to my blogroll because they are my friends or through the other blogs I read I get to feel like I know them through their comments and we build rapport.

sarah said...

i just though of something else: for example, I saw your comment and thought it was funny and followed the link. Your post was intriguing and I felt like commenting, so I did. You might follow my link and think my site is awful and not comment and never venture there again. Or you may feel like commenting and do so. I'll go back to your site and read it and either feel like commenting or not... I think it's a fluid exchange like that similar to meeting someone in real life. hmm... it makes sense to me. :)

FTN said...

I agree that there are a few blogs that baffle me -- badly written, poor grammar, rather mundane, but tons of comments and traffic. I think occasionally it is due to the "MySpace Effect." Lots of Internet friends, and using the comments as a "message board," where people comment a dozen times with nothing meaningful to say. "LOL!"

I strongly prefer well-written blogs, but I do admit that at least half of the blogs I read mainly deal with one certain subject. And some of them are not well-written, but I still try to read anyway. A well-written and interesting blog in other subjects can easily catch my interest though.

myboyfriendiscrazy said...

I only seek out and comment on blogs that I actually like. I usually like blogs that are well-written as well. But if someone finds me first and adds me to their page, I add them to mine because hey, they're helping me out right? Which means I also read their blogs too.

Anonymous said...

Sarah is full of half-truths and outright lies.

Everyone knows my blog is amazing.

I only link to people who steal bicycles.