Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bad Karma?

Driving home yesterday, I pulled a Fabio with my car.

Yes, I have committed the ultimate sin of murder.

I was driving down a two lane road. Two birds were sitting in the other lane. When the car in the other lane approached them, they flew into my lane and BAM!

I didn't see anything in my mirror but of course it sounded like one of them probably got propelled to the next city.

Thankfully I didn't have any bird remnants on my car. I still felt bad.

At least it over quickly. And the bird's friend had quite a story to tell.

I wonder if they have post-traumatic syndrome counseling for the bird community. Something to help survivors cope.

I am going to hell.


Battlerocker said...

Well, at least you’ll have good company. I have killed a few squirrels in my day. I even swerved to avoid them. Squirrels have an annoying habit of staring at your car until the instant before you hit them. Then they run towards it. So, in the mean time, you swerve away from them (if you care, I’m starting to not) and as a result, they run into your swerve. You hit them only because they thwarted your efforts to avoid them. Sigh. Guess I’ll see you in hell. :)

Anonymous said...

Me > Fabio