Friday, February 01, 2008


In the spirit of my blog, life at work is pissing me off. We have a new HR Manager who is nothing short of a complete ass. He knows nothing, makes poor decisions, and treats everyone like they are a toddler.

How does this happen? While the concept of having a job I am not qualified for does not appeal to me, the paycheck does. Minions can get by and know very little, but how do people get high level jobs and lack common sense?

Back to the ass.......

Aside from being a company "yes" man (ass kissing largely explains his success), he is a "we" man.

"How are WE doing on that project?" What I want to say is, "You mean ME and I haven't done shit because your projects are subject to change from moment to moment."

And change they do. Scary part is that I don't hear that the focus has changed or the whole project has been scrapped from him. Oh no, it comes through the grapevine or in passing.

Another thing he says that makes me want to rip his head off? Instead of asking, "How are you today?" he says, "And how is Ms. Pinkskip today?" Fucker. The worst part is how he says it. Huge smile on his face, all appearances a friendly greeting, yet it smacks of condescension.

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, my judgement is not based on wanting his job. No thanks! Is it wrong of me to want a competent manager? It's embarrassing to our entire department to have this so-called leader.

Common sense would lead me to believe he would utilize the expertise of his staff. You know, rip off all the good ideas and present them as his own. While he does dabble in this behavior, he truly doesn't know enough about HR to take full advantage of the opportunity to do this.

Even when something is explained to him, he thinks he knows and makes ridiculous decisions. It's getting harder to avoid an obvious reaction to these decisions. These include laughing, fainting, or vomiting.

Most people have experienced situations with an embarrassing family member, friend, or coworker. How much credibility can the HR staff maintain with Mr. Shit4Brains at the helm?

That is the worst part. Those of us with a strong work ethic who are essentially screwed by association.

I am patiently waiting for his demise. I believe he is merely a tool (in more ways than one) for upper management to use and dispose of. In the meantime, the size of his head and my disbelief increase daily.

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