Thursday, August 09, 2007

Trying Again

Does anyone still bother reading my blog? It has been so long since I posted anything new, so I would be very surprised.

Anyway, things are still busy. I am still surrounded by complete idiots who manage to find new ways to annoy me. At the same time, I continue to enjoy watching the lunancy on the sidelines while laughing with those I trust.

The latest?

We are getting a new manager. The last one had a tendency to make his staff endure ridiculous teambuilding activities. While I can now look back and laugh, they were so horrific that I considered serious illness a better alternative to my attendance.

We don't currently have a manager, but I feel fairly certain that the new one will be a source of many future rants in my blog.

On a side note, I have noticed I am not the only one who has abandoned my blog. Virtually every one I read is on hiatus.


Kenny said...

Your minnions desire more. Make us laugh.

Anonymous said...

We're still waiting for more......