Monday, February 04, 2008

Headed for Trouble

No, I haven't written a book but I have found the perfect one to read.

Mr. Shit4Brains, the new HR Manager, continued his descend of self-destruction so I have to cherish the moment.

He has a huge presentation to the CEO coming up. Of course, a smart manager would utilize the resources and expertise he has at this disposal, right?

Wrong! He has made the mistake of believing his own bullshit. Add to that the bullshit those who kiss his ass heap on and he's got himself quite a pile. A pile of useless, ridiculous shit.


Keep it up, I say. If he didn't continually make a fool out of himself, how would I make it through the day?

There are a couple of us who actually know what we are talking about and have tried to help him. He simply cannot look beyond his own ego to listen. If he would listen to the why in an explanation and try to comprehend it, he might stand a chance.

That would be too easy.

Honestly, I believe he is so used to bullshitting and getting away with it that he doesn't realize he has run out of material. Critical errors surround him like the pack of idiots he has helping him.

Management error ---Don't assume titles make a person valuable. He should realize the people in question got into their positions through BS, sexual favors, or simple luck. Trust me, expertise was not in the mix.

Oh well, I will lay my weary head down tonight relishing the fact that I have a front row seat to the fiasco coming later this week.

Too bad I won't have a camera.

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