Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some lead...Some follow.... I laugh....

I have lost most of my readers so it's hard to muster up the effort to keep this blog going but I am back again.

My HR Manager, aka Mr. Shit4Brains, is still making strides towards a lawsuit or two. My direct supervisor is still totally ineffective and most of my coworkers are still hopelessly inept.

So what's new? I now look for a new job weekly versus looking out of curiosity. It's a shame because the opportunities used to be here. Of course Mr. Shit4Brains ruined that. It amuses me listening to some HR employees who actually are intimidated by him. They haven't been around long enough to realize he has very little HR knowledge or expertise.

When are his numerous bad decisions going to catch up to him? Where is the karma?

I would prefer to be in an environment surrounded by top notch professionals. So, if that fantasy can't come true, can't I at least have the pleasure of watching them crash and burn?
I will have a few good stories about bad employees coming soon. Those will be more amusing than Mr. Shit4Brains.

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