Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Welcome to Walmart

Days like this make me long for a simple job like a Walmart greeter. How difficult can it be to say "Hi" and push a cart at someone? Maybe my expert people skills would make me a "Head Greeter." There is nothing like starting at the top.

Anyway, my days are long, long, long. I have discovered a huge job duty that was not in my job description.......helping managers figure out how to do the simple things they are supposed to know how to do. I used to think this was a problem with male managers but I have come to the conclusion that the females are just as bad. They are different though.

Women have a tendency to take things more personally and second-guess themselves endlessly. Do these morons realize their lack of confidence makes it bad for the rest of the women in the workplace? It reminds me of the feeling many women have about women degrading their gender by posing for Playboy. Personally, I think women who say that wish they looked like Playboy models. Yep, that would be a problem, wouldn't it? I wonder if Walmart would mind if I posed for Playboy with a strategically placed Walmart vest and a smile? So tempting but for as many weird offers as I have had lately, none have included money for a picture of my chest. Oh well, tomorrow is another day..........

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