Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Those that read my blog realize I spend very little time discussing HR. I was better at making the HR connection when I started my blog but I have strayed off the path over time. Regardless, while ridiculous management and annoying coworkers tend to be my topics, I am going to jump back on the HR boat for a bit.

I realize everyone is tired of talking about "Card Check" but it's labor legislation that will set me free. I realized this a few years ago and got certified but the opportunity hasn't presented itself yet. ER and mediation are my fortes so labor won't be a stretch for me.

Regardless of what side of labor you represent, the main premise is the same. Both sides are greedy mongers who want to get everything and screw the other side in the process. I actually believe unions are a death sentence for both sides but that doesn't mean I won't make a living off of it. The voice of reason who seizes opportunities to create harmony and kicks off each bargaining session with a little Kumbaya is valuable. That value translates to money for me.

I have officially joined the dark side.

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