Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dear HR Abby

This won't win me any friends but I have to say it. While I have been in a blogging slump lately, I think part of the reason is because I don't enjoy reading a lot of HR blogs anymore.

I realize all of my readers, many who are HR bloggers, are sitting on the edge of their seats for this, so here goes.


  • So many blogs exist simply to answer questions from "readers." While I realize many of these are genuine questions, I seriously doubt a lot of them are real. It's in the details. If you want to show off your so-called HR knowledge, just blog about the topic. I don't need a fake question. It's also pathetic to watch the blogger bash their reader who asked the question. Do you feel better now? Think you improved the long-held feeling that HR pros are naggy, high and mighty, know-it-all bitches? I guess many HR professionals believe there are stupid questions. If the question is that ridiculous, why waste your time answering it?

  • A lot of blogs (especially newer ones) are lame attempts to rip-off older, and many times, good blogs. Typically, these are the ones which answer questions, give "characters" fake names, and blog about topics seen on another blog two weeks ago. Not only do these blogs suck because their bloggers are thieves, but also because it's clear they are not being themselves. If you can't maintain your own style, stick to reading and commenting.

  • Networking blogs. While I realize there are blogs that truly do network, many are lame attempts to feed egos or find a partner in crime. If I was going to attempt to network for best practices or to find a job, I'd be pretty embarrass to present myself the way many of these bloggers do. Sometimes it's better to remain anonymous.


Laurie said...


Well, it's okay that you don't enjoy reading some HR blogs. HR is boring and annoying, but I like to read & write. I know HR, I like to write about my passion, and somehow I make it all work... sorta.

I don't make any money, but blogging distracts me from the harsh realities of my own stupid existence.

Glad you're back!

Ask a Manager said...

Interesting post. I answer questions on mine a lot of the time. I'd be surprised if there are many people out there making up fake questions because ... well, that would be time-consuming and require some extreme creativity.

Sometimes I'm sure you're seeing the same topics in multiple places because we're all writing about the same general area, so the same topics will pop up. I don't know that it means people are stealing topics. I once had a guy accuse me of stealing his topic. I'd never even seen his blog before and, in fact, I'd written my post several days before the date of the post he claimed I'd ripped off.

I think we all have blogs we like and blogs we don't like, and I figure that if enough people don't like one, it'll eventually go away because the owner will get bored by lack of comments/mail/traffic. But who knows.

HR Minion said...

Ah, someone needs a hug! You still like me, right?