Monday, December 08, 2008

Management is an Oxymoron (Moron)

Is it reasonable to assume managers should be able to manage themselves AND others? Apparently management training at my company has failed.

Here is a typical conversation with a member of management:

Me: We need to discuss how to handle this meeting with your employee.
Manager: Really? Do we haaavvve to? (Whining is mandatory for a crappy manager)

Me: In order to lay off your employee, we probably should discuss the meeting before it's held.
Manager: (Sighs heavily) Ok. What do I have to do? How long will the meeting take? Isn't this an HR thing? By the way, what's a budget?

God forbid I suggest we meet before the employee meeting so it appears we have some level of professionalism.

If I was making all the decisions with these layoffs, I would cut out half of management and save a lot of employees their jobs.

On a side note, my company has many more employees who don't know IF they are losing their jobs. Mine is included in this group.

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NM said...

My former boss sent me a conference call request. I attended the call not expecting a thing until HR dialed in and told me I was laid off due to budget cuts. "Business never personal" were my boss' only real comments on the call *sigh*