Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Mandated Schedules

My company recently mandated a 4/10 schedule. Sound good? It's not.

  • It becomes much easier to jeopardize the exempt status of salaried employees.

  • Exempt employees generally work less hours in a week. I used to put in 45-50 on most weeks and a lot more when necessary. Now? 40

  • Decreased productivity. Assuming an employee works the same 40 hours they used to, are those hours as productive as a 5/8 schedule? Isn't productive time really the point of "working?"

  • Employees don't like their coworkers enough to spend 10+ hours a day together.

  • Instead of a "flexible schedule" being a perk, a mandated schedule easily becomes an expectation. It cannot be called "flexible" or "alternative" when it doesn't come with a choice.
  • Negative turnover results when employees cannot manage all of their responsibilities with a mandated 4/10 schedule. Is it worth losing them?

  • Goodbye work/life balance.

  • Goodbye single parents, parents of young children, and older workers.

  • Hello burnout, bitterness, bitchiness.

Management's attitude ....."Be thankful you have a job."

If only it were that simple.

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agammy said...

I definitely feel your pain here about this not being a choice, but honestly, I would LOVE to have 4 10 hour days. I find my week (Mon-Wed) is usually pointless anyways, and I am always ready for a day off on Thursday anyway. I would just plan out all my errands for Friday and then still have 2 days to play. Hmm . . that schedule reminds me of my schedule in college - it was awesome then, why wouldn't it be awesome now?