Sunday, September 14, 2008


Apparently my ratings have slipped. Alltop needs a new section, perhaps called, "Allbottom" for those of us who used to be listed who now have been banished. Instead of a button that says, "Confirmation that I kick ass" how about, "Confirmation that I USED to kick ass?"

All in jest.


Will Mayall said...

Actually, your blog was not bumped from Alltop.

Alltop is all about "fresh" top stories. As such, it stops displaying a site if there have not been any updates for a couple of weeks.

Now that you have posted this, you will find that your blog is back on Alltop:

HR Underling said...

Screw that!!!! Where do I complain! I so dig Ms Pinkslip!

MsPinkSlip said...

Apparently I spoke out of turn. Either that or the thousands of complaints led to my reinstatement.

HR Underling said...