Friday, August 08, 2008


Cccritique created a blog criticizing the HR field. While I am shocked by the lack of love for HR (not), I am a bit surprised to discover a blogger who filters readers.

You see, for me to spend a considerable amount of time responding (thoughtfully, too) and see my comments deleted is a bit annoying. If that was the point, mission accomplished. My inclination is in another direction though.

I think I was making sense and that didn't support said blogger's cause. Isn't the exchange of information the point of blogging? If a blogger really wants to read his or her own thoughts, why bother having readers?


Anonymous said...

if you mean MEH, i just started this blog and thinking that i'd like to approve the real comments rather than remove spam.

anyhow the settings are that if you have a comment approved and use no links - it is approved automatically.

so far all comments were not spam and all were approved. i thought this is how EVERYBODY does it :P my bad lol but i don't think i want to change it :)

MsPinkSlip said...

CC: Glad to see you reconsidered and posted my comments.

Anonymous said...

she who waits... ;)