Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Supervisory Incompetence

How do bad supervisors keep their jobs? When you mention a bad supervisor, people tend to think of those who scream, the tyrants.

What I am referring to is the majority of supervisors today. These are the supervisors who collect a bigger paycheck, have a title, and do little else. Here is a list of characteristics these so-called supervisors share:

  • Appear sympathetic to concerns yet don't act on them.
  • Love to throw their title around.
  • Act like they are everyone's boss.
  • Tend to shut the door to their office to have long personal phone conversations.
  • Wait for opportunities to screw employees over in the name of "supervisory responsibility."

    Round them all up and fire them all! Of course this won't happen but let me dream.

    On a side note, people who talk on their cell phones while driving deserve to be shot. Have a nice day!

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