Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Whatever happened to loyalty and real teamwork? People throw around "teamwork" but few actually demonstrate it.

We had a little scenario at work that illustrates my point exactly. A member of our group was attacked by an outside department. Big shocker? No but what pissed me off was that this complaint was given to another member of the group who basically sold her coworker out. Oh well, it it's not about her, why bother defending another coworker. I only have on word to describe my feelings on this. BITCH!

While it was not me that was stabbed in the back, I am impacted because this tells me a lot about trust. Sadly, this stupid bitch doesn't even realize there is something wrong with this. She will find out and it won't be pretty. Coworkers have a way of making like bearable or miserable.

I wish these situations didn't happen. At the same time, I do enjoy watching vengence at it's best. Batter up!


Battlerocker said...

Swing for the fences. :)

Middle Manager said...

Yep...that person is clearly ignorant to the significance of office politics. If nothing else, at least now you know to watch out for her.

Middle Manager said...

Me again! I just wanted to let you know that I borrowed that teamwork graphic from this post for a post I just put up on my blog. I referenced it back to your blog at the beginnning. I hope you don't mind. =)

Middle Manager said...

Hey - you've been "tagged"