Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Brothel or Business?

There are a few women at my company who dress like whores. While the appropriateness of sexy clothing in the workplace could be debated until the end of time, this is something entirely different.

What I am referring to is women, in upper management, who must have afterhours jobs in a brothel. I would love to have an excuse to take pictures of these women to demonstrate my point but, as I have said before, I am not looking to get fired.

Picture this....

40 something women in mini-skirts who have difficulty walking because their skirts are so tight.

If they could bend over, a porno could be filmed immediately.

In some cases, add to this picture a bad boob job, 80's hair, and too much make-up.

Not pretty is it?

I need a vacation.


Random Musings Of My Life said...

I thought I was the only one!!
I think I was not born for this earth..
And what is with the 13 year olds walking around like they are selling blow jobs for $5

Battlerocker said...

Invite the 'girls gone wild' crew to your office and...well, nevermind. Not wanting to get fired narrows the options a little bit. :)

Middle Manager said...

Oh yeah, we've got a couple of them too. Ours seem to do so in an effort to get themselves into the social circles of our employees in their 20's (of which we have many). They live for the happy hour invites.

FTN said...

The upper-management part is funny, because it's a little more unexpected from them.

The 80s hair is definitely the clincher. Lots of Aqua-net and big bangs?

Anonymous said...

"There are a few women at my company who dress like whores."

^ I want to work where you work.